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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Principles to start your mornings, get through the afternoons, and end the evenings

It's Sunday night and it hits you that you have to go to work. Sigh.  It's Monday morning, you hear the alarm, and think God let this work day go by fast.  Well, I can relate because those are my exact words!  After I get over the fact that I have to go to work, I begin to set my intentions for the day, boost my self with reaffirming words and music.  So, here's how I start my mornings after I make my 'oh God I hope this work day goes by fast. I don't want to get out of bed anyway because  I'm so comfortable and don't feel like doing anything!' rant. lol

My Morning Principles:
  • Wake up on a positive note.  It's okay to have the feeling of not wanting to go to work.  But, to complain throughout the morning all the way to work will not help you. Instead, you can use some of my sayings:
    • I will complete all my work today (even if you don't, that's okay.  This will put you in the mindset of doing something positive at work)
    • People respect and admire me at work (more positive energy)
    • The work day will be quick (directing energy towards the end of the day as opposed to how long the day will be)
    • My commute to work will be nice
    • I do my job right the first time
    • Wake up feeling good about yourself.  Even if your job does not express 'sincere appreciation' for you.  You can appreciate yourself just for the fact that you showed up to work! Here are some of my sayings you can use:
      • I'm a lovable person!
      • I get the job done!
      • I am beautiful person who knows what I want
      • I can easily express how I feel
      • I feel good
      • I have more than enough time to get ready in the morning
      • Play music while you get dress/ do your makeup/etc
      • Listen to music on your way to work to put you in a good mood!

      Now, it's the afternoon.  The workday is half over.  Feel like you need an extra boost? Maybe you need a little break? Whatever the case maybe...

      My Afternoon Principles:
      • Think of what you accomplished and the bigger picture of what you accomplished!
        • Give yourself a 'pat on the back' or 'hi-five' a co-worker.  It may sound cheesy but it's an instant mood booster.
        • Smile and laugh! Just think of something funny!  The afternoon vibe of 'just making it through the day' will shatter and the new vibe of 'I completed the goal of (fill in the blank)' will take its place
        • Tell yourself that you did a good job.  Ask your co-workers if they need help.
        •   Breaks are healthy just like power naps
          • Get bored at work? Go for a walk and say 'hi' to someone you don't know and start a conversation.
          • Use your lunch break to take a power nap to recharge for the second half of the day.
          • Not a smoker? Take a 'mental break' and go on Facebook/Twitter/etc.
          • Put your ipod to good use
            • Background music is a great tool to keep your energy high throughout the day.
            • Motivational works on your iPod: Listen to affirmations etc.

            End of the day.  You're about to go home.  The work day is just about over.  This is the time I like to use to write notes about what I want to do the following day or have email print ups on the desk.  This helps from feeling overwhelmed because you already started to break down the workload for tomorrow by having a few steps set up for you.

            My end of the work day principles:
            • Don't display displacement: 
              • If something bad happened at work, then don't let that bother you throughout the commute home, while at home, and then take it out on the family and pets. Release the work day via take a shower when you get home and mentally think about the day washing away.
              • It's okay to vent, but wrap it up. Don't spend too much time complaining.  
              • Think tomorrow is another day if you didn't finish something.
              • Leave on a good note
                • You showed up to work!  That's half the battle!  Be happy!
                • You accomplished a few things!  Be happy!
                • You have a job!  Be happy!
                • Even if you don't like your job, think of what you are doing with the money you earn by working there...what did you buy? where did you go?  Be appreciative.
                • Realize your potential
                  • Is there a possibility that you will get a promotion/be offered over time?
                  • What can you do differently to make your work environment better? Maybe it's something as simple as putting a bamboo plant on your desk!
                  • Does your job provide an investment group etc?
                •  Know that you did your best given the time and space available to you
                  • Don't stress!  There are some things that will be out of your control.
                  • If you do something wrong, then don't beat yourself up.  You'll gain more respect by admitting you didn't understand/you thought it was done this way/you hit the wrong key/etc. and willing to learn.
                  • Maintain your composure! At times, things will get serious and being difficult to work with will not help.  So, be open minded, work with people, document your work, and you will mitigate some of the possible negative experiences.

                  Principles for when you arrive at home:
                  • Take a shower as a ritual to wash away the day.
                  • Make time to relax
                  • Eat/drink/talk to family/friends
                  • Meditate
                  • Sleep

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