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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PART II: Shielding

I decided to make Top Three Ways To Easily Drop The Excess Weight With The Help Of Your Angels a three part blog post series because it's a lot of information that I want to share and I thought it would be cool!!! 
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This three part blog post series will include this introduction and three following posts. This series will be very interactive because I will include a video for each post.
Challenge Time! This is where I dare you to write it out in the comments section below! I love to hear what you have to say! 
To read the Intro blog post to this three part series, just click here and to read Part I, click here.


Shielding works for weight lost because you are defending yourself from absorbing people's negative energy (which they tend to spew all over the place), which can manifest as excess weight because it's either:

-We gain the weight as protection so that we can 'tolerate' others

-We gain the weight because we are taking on too much of the problems of people who don't want help/won't change for the better

Again, empaths (those who feel others emotions on a deep level) will especially enjoy this blog post.

Energetic shielding is one of the greatest ways to set boundaries in order to defend your sacred space, your precious energy, and your sensitive body. 

Here's how it works:
  • Negative energy is deflected. In other words it's returned back from whence it came.

  • Love is still permitted through the shield. No worries there.

  • What's happening in the spiritual will take place in the physical. Therefore, the less intake of negative energy is like skipping a very unhealthy didn't take in unnecessary calories! 

How you can set up an energetic shield:
  • Ask archangel Michael to protect you and/or surround you with his royal blue/purplish light.
  • Imagine yourself being surrounded by four shields (one in front, one behind, and on both sides of you) in the most beautiful white light (or in my case I imagine sparkly golden light) color.

Don't feel bad if you have to set up a shield for the 'complaining uncle' or your 'nagging aunt'. Just remember that no one knows you have the shield raised but you and Spirit! 
When you forget to do your daily shielding, do not stress yourself out and begin to wonder about all of the negative energy you absorbed.  Just ask Spirit to cleanse you of negativity and then ask archangel Michael to shield you!
Here are a few 'take aways':
  • Shielding is a private thing. Don't worry about feeling silly. You will notice that certain people will be around you less with their negativity.
  • Shielding creates boundaries which allow you to continue to take care of your sensitive body so that you are not absorbing negative energy, which can lead to access weight.
  • As always, never be harsh on yourself for this is a learning experience.
  •  You can shield yourself at anytime, at any place. 

Let's create an energetic shield together! 


If you cannot see the video in this post, then click here to view it directly from the YouTube Channel..

Challenge Time!
Leave a comment below in regards to your experiences with shielding!  

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  2. Just wanted to say I am really enjoying this series Tia! I had never thought about weight loss in this way, and I really feel like the angels are encouraging me every time I read one of these posts to remember to cut the cords and shield every day...whether for weight loss or just because it will be good for me. Thank you for being my angel messenger...and I'm going to try to remember to do this every day! xx