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Friday, October 07, 2011

Dreams that mimic reality

I was experiencing a bit of a writer's block.  Well, more like I have several topics to talk about but I really just needed to settle down and write!  So, I posted on The Violet Sanctuary Spa's Facebook page asking for suggestions and I received this very cool topic about dreams that mimic reality.

I love dreams! I love to dream, to daydream, to talk about dreams, to interpret dreams, and so forth!  One thing I love about dreams is how enlightening a dream can be for us.  We can dream about the future, the past, the present, a past life, or any other event in which we are teleported to another realm and wake up with a profound experience!  With that being said, lets talk about how dreams mimic reality.

While sleeping, our conscious mind takes a backseat while our subconscious mind takes over. Thus, our dreams become just that much more interesting!  Our dream can be a reality and our reality can be a dream.  I say this because the dream world is but another realm, another world, just like the one in which we live.  In a dream we can do extraordinary things.  So, what's stopping us from doing the same in this life?
I had several dreams in which I was already at my desk, lights on in the building, co-workers present, the whole nine yards.  Then I woke up and realized I was still  in my bed in Philadephia.  I had another dream about being at work speaking fluent Spanish to a co-worker who is of Spanish decent.  I only had one semester of Spanish in college and know just a few words; however, in that dream I was able to speak, fluently, Spanish and understand what the conversation was about between me and the co-worker.  Based on the above, dreams do mimic reality to a certain extent because our reality is what we make it just like our dreams can be what we make it out to be. 

Dreams can be vivid, involve characters, teach us a lesson, help us to understand things and so forth...isn't that the same as what takes place in reality?  Our reality and our dreams can easily be interchangeable.  Especially, if the dream foretells a future event. On the other hand, I believe a main factor that makes our dreams different from our reality is that we work more with our conscious mind than our subconscious mind; whereas in our dreams, for the most part, it is vice versa.  Thus, at any given time, our dreams can be our reality.

Dreams can feel real.  We can experience various emotions throughout a dream.  These emotions can range from excitement to fear.  Dreams can help us to remember an event and then we wake up with a feeling of nostalgia.  Dreams will take you to a place where you meet people, do things, and when you wake up you wonder where did you go and who are those people?  The above may sound familiar because in our reality we experience a range of emotions throughout the day, we do become nostalgic from time to time, and our friends will take us to places we never heard of and meet people.

 So, ask yourself how do my dreams resemble reality?  What part of my reality feels like it's a dream? I would encourage you to start a dream journal and find the correlation between your dreams and your reality.  Therefore, I'm sure over time the two will seem to be one and it will be magical!

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