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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Sacred You!

Being sacred isn't just about being your highest-higher self and then spreading love and light to every man, woman, child, place, and pet you encounter.  It's about honoring yourself on multiple levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, and all the 'al' lol

Throughout this journey here on Earth it can feel like we are on this road to some destination, we see people and events come and go, we travel at different speeds, and we wonder if we are actually traveling the right path.
The key is to keep the faith and if you have been reading loads of spiritual books, like myself b/c I'm just crazy about reading as much as possible, then you will remember than you have a contract with Spirit to come to Earth and travel this road. Along this road you will regain your spiritual gifts, remember who you are, a truly divine being, certain events will make sense, and you will have a better understand of  the people you meet in your life.

With that being stated, there are certain things that we aren't meant to understand because Spirit has a bigger picture taking place.  Being sacred will help us to be more responsible in our lives, take control of what we can, and invite miracles to happen.

Lets think about the three levels I discussed earlier, physical, emotional, and spiritual. On a physical level, we can be our sacred selves by honoring our bodies. In the words of Dr. Wayne Dryer, "We are spiritual beings having a human experience." So, we have to get use to the fact that we have to have 'time outs' to relax, sleep, go on vacation, and so forth.  Being spiritual, we don't have to go to sleep; however, as having a human experience, we have to understand and take care of our bodies.

On an emotional level, we can tap into our chakras, our ability to manifest, and connect with other spiritual gifts.  It is our emotion that is the driving force in what we do, how we think and so forth. Just like in the Native American story called 'A Cherokee Legend' (I'm shortening the story here) where an old Cherokee is telling his grandson about an inner fight taking place and he described this inner conflict as two wolves, one bad and one good.  The grandson asked which one will win and the grandfather replies, "The one you feed". How true of  a statement!

Our intuition is closely related to our emotions.  Think about the last time you had 'that gut feeling' or 'just followed your mind' and think about the times you didn't follow through with your gut feeling or your mind.  This is just how sacred we are! We are already connected to Spirit and our gifts; we just have to remember to tap into that source hence why we are on this sacred journey to be our sacred selves! 

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. 
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

Our spiritual self is who we truly are, remember that! By reconnecting with our spiritual selves through meditation and other modalities, we enter the process of remembering who we are.  By doing this, our world transforms into something more sacred and adventurous because it's like we put on a different set of contacts and see the world in High Definition! View this YouTube video to help you along your spiritual path:

You Are Number 1
Remember to love yourself 
by taking care of yourself first, 
maintain balance, 
and spread the love!


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