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Monday, December 16, 2013

Crystal Healing: How To Raise Your Vibration Using 7 Crystals

As a lover of crystals and a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer, I thought it would be cool and very informational to do something different to blog about crystals! Therefore, I present to you my very first infographic blog post! I provide a visual (along with brief descriptions) of the benefits of working with crystals! 

Raising your vibration will mean that you will increase your ability to attract your needs and wants into your life at a more rapid pace. It also means that you will be strengthening your connection with Spirit and other glorious divine beings, such as goddesses and archangels. You will notice that letting go of people and things are no longer an issue for you. 

Keep in mind that you are not committed to using just the particular crystals mentioned below. Instead, this infographic blog post is more like a guide system.  For example, a rose quartz can be used to work with your heart chakra instead of a malachite just like a bloodstone can be used to work with your root chakra instead of a black tourmaline.

Want to learn more about crystals?! View my YouTube videos just below the infographics! Tumbled bloodstones are featured in the second video! Enjoy!


If you cannot view the video, then please click here.

If you cannot view the video, then please click here.

 If you cannot view the video, then please click here.

Challenge Time!

How will you apply what you have learned? Do you use the crystals mentioned above in your life already? Would you like to add a crystal to the list? Please state below so we can keep the learning experience going!

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