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Monday, May 13, 2013

Did I Choose The Right Life Path?

When I think of 'life path', I think, what did I accomplish and what will I accomplish? After all, isn't that what our life's path is all about-completing the task we set out to do in this life?

But another thought comes to mind, which is, did I choose the right life path?

With all of the pain and suffering in the world we know about via the news and other sources, one would think why in the world would I choose to be part of this mess when it, at times, seem as though I have to look hard just to find (and remember) the goodness in the world?

So, I ask myself, did I choose the right life path? You bet your bottom dollar I did!

My life's path is to be a learner and a teacher. My spiritual path  is to be a healer, remind women of their goddess abilities, and to remember who I AM. I was able to ascertain both my life and spiritual paths through years of researching and analyzing information that resonated with me.

Earth is a harsh place to live, no doubt about that! But, I am reminded of the goodness that still exist when I attend a wedding or a graduation. I'm reminded of the innocence that still exist when I hear a baby laugh or watch a puppy learn how to walk down the stairs. I am reminded that love trumps all when I see an older couple holding hands.  It is through those experiences that I am kindly reminded of one of my many remind people of their potential, what they can achieve, and to remember to stay heart centered.

As an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, certified by Doreen Virtue, you know that I love discussing angels and how they play major roles in our lives (just re-read the three-part losing weight with your angels epic blog series I did starting with the introduction blog post here). 

The following two books are what I highly recommend you read in order to help you to remember who you are and to help you along your life's path:
  • Earth Angels
  • Realms of the Earth Angels: More Information for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wizards, and Other Lightworkers
It is through those books (and many others) that I was able to put a 'title' to how I felt, the bits of past life memory I was experiencing and more. I know that putting a title on certain things in the spiritual world may seem taboo to some. But, remember, we are on a quest to remembering who we are so that we can live the life we were meant to live aka life's path. And, it is through the process of doing our research that we discover the names and other titles to things, which brings everything together.

I learned that I am a Mystic Angel, which is a combination of an Incarnated Angel and a Wise One by reading Doreen's books stated above.

Learning that bit of information just made sense.

So, until you can get your divine hands on Doreen's books, ask yourself a few questions...
  • Who am I? No, really, who am I? Get to the raw truth of who you are!

  • What do I stand for?

  • What 'memories' do I have that seem 'silly'? I experienced past life memories that I thought were silly at one time...

  • What do I love to do?

  • What can I read to help me discover more about myself? I used to Google key words, which led me to authors who wrote on particular subjects.

Ask yourself what is my life path and who am I? You are on the road to remembering who you are and what you are meant to do!

Challenge Time!

 What do you know your life path to be? Notice I wrote know in stead of think. This is because the answer rest within our hearts just waiting to wake up!  Please state below so we can keep the learning experience going!

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  1. I Loved The Article. Im Confused AS Of Am i In The Right Path, What Is My Purpuse In Life , Why Im I So Scare On New Steps Situations Places, Or Just New BeginningS I'm Scare Of Being Alone Why? All This Questions Pass Thru My Head.

  2. Hi Tia,

    Great article and great tips! I am intrigued to read Doreen's books you've mentioned.
    In answer to your challenge question: my life path is of the seeker and speaker of truth. I am all for integrity, and often find my inner alarms going off all the time when people are talking to me... very distracting, and also more than a little disappointing, because my intuition on this stuff is never wrong; they are usually engaging in some small deception at the very least.
    In my work, I'm a writer's coach and editor. Which I love too, as I'm an ideas gal.
    Much love to you, I'll keep reading!

  3. Hi Tia,

    Great post - I am intrigued to look up and read Doreen Virtue's books too. I'd love to find out who I am! (gut feeling is reincarnated elemental though)

    My life path: truth seeker, integrity respecter. I just can't abide untruths, and dishonesty freaks me right out. My work is as a writer's coach and editor though - and I love it too, as an ideas gal.

    Will keep reading thru your archives - nice work!

  4. Hi Tia,

    Loved your post, particularly focusing on the good and beautiful things in life as opposed to the bad.

    As for my life's purpose? To expand the amount of love in the world by supporting and mentoring women of all ages, but particularly women in the older age brackets so that they, too, can step into their power and motivate and guide others.


  5. I'm a creative soul and self-expression has always been important to me, but seems like I have a knack for teaching. Even though I NEVER wanted to be a traditional teacher. I crossed out that career choice years ago. But recently I've heard "all natural students are closet teachers" (from Yiye Zhang's blog) and it really stuck me. Learning new things is the most natural thing for me. I'm always thirsty for more knowledge, and not only information but practical hands-on knowledge I can use every day. Once I go through the process, I can easily share it with other people, and I frequently teach workshops and write tutorials.

    Chiron is very pronounced in my natal chart which signifies - a teacher and a healer!

    Funny thing is I still resist it! I just want to do my own thing, but somehow I end up writing another article where I share some tips and whatnot.
    I'll see where that takes me.

  6. First off, I LOVE the picture of you in the witchy hat!!

    My life path is to radiate love and effect change in those open to it. That is my deepest, truest calling and funnily enough, whatever I do in my life I always end up serving that purpose :-)

    Much love! xx

    1. Thanks, Sibylle! With the exception of three Halloweens...I'm ALWAYS the witch!

  7. Hi Tamara!
    There's so much here! I'm going through the exercise and going back to losing weight with your angels! Thanks for posting. I love that you're an official Angel Card Reader.
    Lots of Love,

  8. Hi Tia,
    I loved this post and I'm going back through it to fully do the exercise. I'm also going back to the Losing Weight with your Angels! I also love that you're an official Angel Card Reader.
    Much Love,

  9. Love this, I'm struggling to find my life's purpose at the moment too...tempted to sign up for the blog and see if your freebies can help make my mind up :)

  10. Hi Tia,

    This is my first time to your blog and I love love love how you immediately popped into Gratitude after acknowledging how hard this life can be... especially when choosing the path of the entrepreneur!

    I constantly go between days of YES! because I KNOW I'm on my right path and days of ACK! because it's hard to put myself and my heart out there day after day if I'm not getting positive feedback from others.

    Yay for Angels joining us, helping us, supporting us and giving us the Good Love no matter what.


    1. It is tough! But as long as we stick together to help this planet for the greater good we can't fail!

  11. It can be easy to get lost and overwhelmed with life sometimes, but I keep coming back to the idea that my purpose is to be love and share love. I also have a strong pull to help people discover that themselves and to honor their own true passions. Thanks Tia!