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Thursday, January 17, 2013

You Are The C.E.O. Of Your Life

You are the Chief Executive Officer of your life and you choose your board members a.k.a. the people who best help you throughout your life.

I thought of this topic a while ago during one radio show because one of the callers had a question in regards to her life. While I was giving her reading, I said, " You are the CEO of your life." This was very profound to her because she said a big "Oh" and then there was a brief moment of silence where she was actually processing what I had just said to her. Heck, it was even profound to me because up until that point, I never actually considered myself being the C.E.O of my life, let alone anyone else anyone being the CEO of their life.

I just didn't think of myself as being in charge of any particular thing; instead, it was more like what was, is, and continue to be expected of me. Even in my spiritual work, I always say to Spirit, "how can I be of service?". Still, not thinking of myself as being in charge per se of anything. But, there I was on air, for my radio show, channeling messages and, BOOM, the phrase you are the CEO of your life just rolls off of my tongue!

So, what exactly does it mean to the be CEO of your life? Well, let's first define the role of a CEO!

A CEO is the Chief Executive Officer with the ability and the authority to make the executive decisions of an organization or a business.  Interesting.

 Now, let's apply it to your life.  As, CEO of your life, you have the ability and the authority to make the important decisions in your life.  Your life is the organization! An organization will have different departments, such as an accounting department, a contracting department and so forth. All of which are present to aid the organization to run smoothly; and, if something unfavorable should occur, are present to help protect the organization.  Think about how this applies to your life.  You have people (as well as other divine beings like Jesus, Archangels, and Goddesses) in your life who are present to support and protect you. 

Side Note: By 'support' I am implying love because to support someone is a way of showing that you love and believe in them!

My brother, Marcus, and myself. He's always so supportive of me and my business!

So, get yourself a cup of your favorite delight and think about how you can, consciously, take charge of your life!


Let's begin:
  • Who are the board members in your life? Who are people you go to before you make your final decisions, explain your goals to and so forth.  Make sure they are trust worthy people who want to see you thrive and be happy in what you choose to pursue and/or change in your life. 
  • What are the 'departments' you have in your life? In other words, you have different friends for different things. With whom do you dine, go to art exhibits, party, shop? It's best to know what roles people play in your life so that you're not expecting more from them than what they can offer.
  • What executive decisions must you make? Are there people in your life that you need to release? Give them the pink slip! Is there something about yourself that needs to change? What planning and restructuring needs to be done?
  • What is the purpose of your organization aka life? This one may be a tough question to answer because you may be unsure of your purpose. No worries. You can start with thinking about the things you love to do or how you have helped people.  For example, are you good at and love giving advice? There's a talent just waiting to be discovered!
  • What are your daily functions? At my job, it's communication and execution. I would suggest communicating with yourself, Spirit, and others each day in regards to how you feel, your needs, wants, and so forth. You don't have to go into great detail with Spirit and others each day. Keep it simple! You can just say to someone, 'I would love it if the weather was warmer.' Just be expressive and get that throat chakra going! By executing, you are living, you are doing! Don't remain day dreaming for too long! Come back to the physical world and direct your energy towards something good by doing something as simple as holding the door or complimenting someone!
  • What are your goals? Make short and long term goals and work towards building a road map so that you will remain on track!
  • Who are the stakeholders in your life?  Meaning, who has invested in you? Your parents? Your friends? Your co-workers? Strangers who believe in you? By stakeholder, I don't mean those who provided you with financial support only, but also their time and other resources. Who were the people who believed in you from the very beginning and remained by your side? Those who believed in you just as you were about to give up. Or, those who helped you get back on track.
Remember, YOU are the CEO of your life and the world needs you now more than ever. It doesn't matter if you think you play a 'small' part in any situation because we all have to start somewhere and it is from that place that we create a ripple effect surpassing anything that we could have imagined.


  1. I absolutely love this! I've never thought in terms of life in business terms. (I think I'm intimidated by the term CEO, it's probably the whole being in control thing that I shy away from!)

  2. This is a rocking post, Tia. Wow. I need to sit with this a bit and answer those intriguing questions you pose. Thank you.

    1. Okay! So I sat. I listened. I pulled cards. I got answers. It will be up on my blog tomorrow with a link back here. :D

    2. Well, lol, I did a post on this in January but oooh squirrel, I got distracted. So it's going up tomorrow on my blog. :D

  3. Wow! Never thought of it this way, thanks. I
    ve always considered I'm the architect of my own life but saying I'm the CEO gives me that much more self confidence in my own power. Thanks,

  4. Oh YES! This is exactly how you want to look at your life. YOU have the power to decide and choose everything that comes in and goes out! xo

  5. I love this approach! I told someone just today (a newly engaged bride) that she is the CEO of her wedding--I am totally sharing this with her.