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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Night I Met Goddess Kali

I was in the bathroom, it was nighttime, and the forecast for the day predicted heavy rains. I actually was taking a bathroom break from writing the last chapters of my e-book, To Be Goddess. While I was in the bathroom, just a few days ago during the weekend, my mind was clear.

 I didn’t have any particular thoughts, which was rather unusual for me because I usually can’t stop thinking. Looking back, it’s like the scene from Ghostbusters where they had to think of nothing, but, instead, Dan Aykroyd’s character, Dr. Raymond Stantz, thought of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Well, no marshmallow man for me, for my mind was empty!

So, while I’m in the bathroom, it begins to rain.  It’s like when you hear that first ‘boom’ and then the rain comes down…something like that. And, then a thought ‘popped’ into my mind, Kali’s here.

Goddess Kali from Doreen Virtue Goddess Guidance Oracle card deck

There wasn’t a reason for me to think of Kali…well at least not on the surface. Especially since I've been working mainly with goddesses Isis, Freyja, and Brigid.  Just as I had that ‘thought’, the air around me began to change and I had a weird feeling. I wish I could explain it in words, but it’s really something that one just ‘experience’.

 Here's the best way I can describe it: the air changed and it felt like a quick pause took place, something like what you see at the movies when the director wants to emphasize on a certain character…he would slow down the camera motion so that you picked up on the character’s shoes, the way he walked, his eye motions, his hand motions, how he's feeling, and all that crazy stuff.

So, I left the bathroom. Yes, I washed my hands! Lol Apparently, the Divine isn't concerned about a little thing called privacy. Lol

I went down stairs a little nervous because I know how strong Kali is just from my readings and I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to work with her. I didn’t know what she wanted at the time! I actually kind of dismissed it out of my own fears. I just didn’t feel comfortable working with her at the time. I was crazy nervous!

But, like the saying goes, ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’.  Again, thinking back, I’m sure Kali doesn’t just ‘pop up’ to say ‘hi’ because she’s in the neighborhood; there’s work to be done! So, I began to do some research.  What I learned about Kali is exactly what I have been feeling the past two weeks...that a great change is coming!

It's the dawn of a new era in my life. I can literally feel something great just about to take place just around the corner and all I have to do is take a few more steps! Just a few more steps and everything will come together and skyrocket!

Here's what I learned about Kali:
  • She is a very power Hindu Goddess of change/cycles
  • She is often misunderstood by those who don't understand the cycles of life
  • She's associated with the new moon aka the dark moon
  • She will push you beyond your comfort zone so that you will reach your full potential
  • She has unlimited transformative powers
  • She destroys that which is no longer needed
  • She rules wild, untamed feminine strength 
  • She will help you overcome your fears
Well, that definitely applies to me right now! I've been talking with Spirit for awhile now about me being prepared for change. I've also asked Spirit to help me remember my powers and how to use them. I've been addressing and releasing my fears. I'm currently writing a book about being a Goddess, which deals with feminine strength.  So, this makes perfect sense that Kali is now here!

However, not to be taken as a coincidence, Kali made sure to provide loads of confirmations! Here's what I experienced from the time I had that though of Kali's arrival this past weekend until today when I wrote this blog, which is just a few days time:
  • Kali's name has appeared in my other readings when I was set to read about a different goddess
  • I wanted to know, specifically, what goddess was working with me and I received the Kali card you see above
  • I'm taking a goddess e-course and the first meditation was to release fear...the narrator announced that we will be working with Kali (the meditation is just titled releasing fears)
  • A person with the first name Kali liked one of my statuses on my company's facebook page
No coincidence at all. Not to mention, she visited me at night! She's associated with the night.

I know for sure now that she is working with me, pushing me, helping release my fears, and so forth to help me achieve my goals and so much more! She's providing me with that extra boost of feminine energy that's needed!

So, hopefully, if you are planning to work with any of the goddesses know that:
  • They are here to help
  • They always come at the right time
  • They want what is best for you
  • You are on the right path
  • Pay attention to the signs you receive for this is your confirmation that what you are experiencing is real


  1. This post made me tingle! Love that Kali came to you, and you accepted her and made the effort to find out the positive side of her. Beautiful. Look forward to posts about the big changes she will inspire in you. xx

  2. I always love the feeling of being called by a new Goddess (or even my current ones) it's like a new relationship and I feel all nervous and giddy.

    I hope that you enjoy your journey with Kali!

  3. What a gorgeous gift! Yes, Kali is really powerful but what a strong female energy to work with. Enjoy the ride!

    Love, Karina

  4. Excited to hear what unfolds for you. Congratulations on being at a point in your journey where Kali is your guide.