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To Be Goddess
                         Every Woman Is A Goddess
            Discover Your Domain In Which You Reign Supreme



Here's a heart warming review:

I truly enjoyed this book. It written in a down to earth fashion that anyone can understand. Filled with information and exercises that are easy to use and in my experience very empowering. I love how Tia combined different spiritual aspects such as crystals and flowers with the different Goddesses to help me work with the goddess within.

Book Description
"To Be Goddess" is a book inspired by the life experiences of an amazing woman, healer, intuitive and goddess; author Tia Johnson. During an incredible lucid, clairvoyant dream, Tia received a visitation from her grandmother in which she was informed that Spirit has a message for her.

That experience lead Tia to her true life purpose and began a journey of connecting with spirit and goddess energy, learning how to use it in her own life, and fostering the desire to teach and heal others with her gifts. Her purpose for writing "To Be Goddess" is to introduce the readers to the universal divine goddess energy that is within all of us and teach how to use it for our own highest good by applying that goddess energy throughout our lives. As a result, the readers will be able to discover great inner strengths, such as discovering the domain in which they reign supreme and learning about the cycles of the triple moon goddess. 

Within the pages of "To Be Goddess", Tia outlines detailed information about multitudes of goddesses in an easy to understand format. The reader will gain a keen understanding not only about each of the goddesses described in the book, but also how to connect with each goddess and allow their energy help guide them in their lives. "To Be Goddess" includes many meditations and step by step instructions about healing with goddess energy to promote strength, confidence, peace, and love in your life. Tia lights the way for readers out of darkness with the help of loving divine goddess energy. 

Tia Johnson is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ®, a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, a Certified Gateway Dreaming™ Coach, a Certified Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer, radio host and spiritual writer. Tia received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration form La Salle University and is continuing her post-secondary education at The University of Pennsylvania. She created The Violet Sanctuary Spa as a means to help others with her healing abilities and to share her knowledge of spirit and goddess. Please visit for more information about Tia's services, events, webinars, blog, radio programs, and writing.

After reading "To Be Goddess", there will be no doubts; you are a goddess! This book will help you embrace your life's purpose and learn how to use your divine power. "To Be Goddess" holds the key to changing your life and connecting you with the path your were meant to take. The time is now, the goddesses are waiting...

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