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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

13 Inspirational techniques for promoting inner spiritual strength

1. Cover the basics. 
Drinking plenty of water, exercising your mind, and taking deep breaths outside are the way to go!  You will be able to receive more messages from the angels and other heavenly beings.  All of the above are examples of healing practices.  In addition, according to Doreen Virtue, the angels and other divine beings can connect with us when we drink more water and take deep breaths because this is a way their messages travel and connect with us.  Also, when you exercise your mind and begin to read about divine beings, they become interested in you.  Therefore, you will begin to notice more divine happenings in your life.  

2. Know your body and your gifts. 
Understanding Reiki and meditating are big assists in regards to understanding your body.  When you open your main center points, you will be able hone in on your spiritual gifts.  For example, the center point for your heart chakra is in the upper middle part of your chest. So, when you focus on opening your heart chakra you will begin to experience more love, both giving and receiving.  This will also help you to ascertain why something is bothering you (heart problems could mean-overly worried about a love one/not receiving enough love/not giving enough love/lost of a loved one etc). 

3. Understand that there will be people who could care less. 
Even though we all have the ability to connect with divine beings, some people are not willing to do so.  It's just not for them.  Therefore, don't waste your energy.  Instead, bless that person and 'keep it movin'! You only get the energy zapped from you.

4. Practice is essential.
Just like perfecting any skill, practice makes perfect.  The more you practice talking to angels and so forth the more likely you are to notice signs and gifts from heaven. 

5. No second guessing permitted, but you can be a constructive skeptic. 
If you do receive a message from your guardian angel (for example, 'is this guy Mr. Right?') and you hear a clear 'NO' but don't believe what you hear for whatever reason, then it is okay to ask for a clear sign if what you hear is correct (for example, ask to see something unique like a penny as a sign of confirmation). This is a way to maintain the balance between how you feel about a situation and what is the right way to proceed.    

6. Know that you are divine; therefore, what you imagine you can create. 
Dr. Wayne Dyer said it best when he said 'we are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  But, we are spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Therefore if we are in fact spiritual beings, then our potential for our greatest good is endless.  A good thing to keep in mind!

7. Give yourself credit and help others.
 Pat yourself on the back! You have come this far on your spiritual journey.  Now, return the favor and help out someone else.  I promise you the return on that investment is very satisfying!

8. Be willing to make sacrifices. 
As you advance in your spiritual life, you will notice that people and things that once peak your interest are nowhere to be found.  It can be upsetting to no longer spend time with an old buddy or to give up an old habit.  But, you are cutting the cords from people and things that will not serve towards your higher good.  And, you should want only to be surrounded by events, things, people, and so forth that will aid you in your spiritual growth.

9. Know what works for you and what does not work for you.
Find your niche and master it.  If being clairvoyant, ‘seeing’, angels is not something that you would interest you, then try to focus on being clairsentience, 'feeling', them.  Once you figure out what does work for you, you can practice on perfecting that style!

10. Don't apologize for being yourself. 
Don't start off a sentence with 'I'm sorry, but that's just how I am'.  Instead say 'This is how I am and that’s how I feel.' 

11. Honor yourself, for you are gifted and unique.
Only you will have 'that laugh', 'that personality', 'that smile'.  Even if you have a twin, you still have your own personality and style.  Recognize what makes you 'you'.  Make time for dancing, singing, travelling, manicures, pedicures, girls’ night out, guys’ night out, personal time, time with your pet, time with your spouse, time with your family.  Make time to do what makes you happy and that is another way of honoring yourself. When you're happy, other people will be happy because you will emit that positive energy where ever you go as opposed to spewing negative energy.

12. Colors can promote how you feel or want to feel.
 Colors have energy.  Think of 'the power suit' and 'crystal clear intentions'.  When you go on a job interview, you're most likely to wear black so you appear to be powerful.  Well, why not wear other colors to promote similar energies. Below are just a few colors and their energy association (keep in mind that this is a general list.  There are many associations and sub-colors like lavender, royal blue, magenta, amber etc.):
Pink-love, adorable, kind
Red-romance, sex, power, zesty
Orange-adventurous, outgoing
Yellow- warm, new beginnings
Blue-cool, relaxed, airy
White-pure, clean, breezy
Black-powerful, sleek, modern
Purple-mystic, mysterious

13. Laughter is truly the best medicine. 
There are things in life that you can't change.  There will be events that take place in life that will make you say 'really?!'.  Just remember the saying, 'that which doesn't kill me makes me stronger'.  Everything in life is a learning experience.  So, why not give your vibration a quick boost with a hearty laugh?

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