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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Conversing with the Archangels

When we want to accomplish something, most of the time, we need supportive people to help us complete a goal.  So, why not ask for angelic help as a bonus to help facilitate the process of achieving our goal?!  Below are a few 'letters' I wrote to a few archangels asking for divine assistance.  My goal is for these letters to help you as they have helped me.  Enjoy.

Dear Archangel Gabriel,
I ask you to grant me the gift of gab, so I will be able to communicate my thoughts and feelings accurately without hesitation or assuming that people will just know how I feel.  Surround me with the glorious golden divine light.  Help me to be receptive and to be filled with love, and insight.  Grant me the gift of sight so that I may see divine symbols. Grant me the gift of sensation so that I may feel divine energy.  Grant me the gift of awareness so that I may hear divine messages.

Dear Archangel Michael,
I ask that you protect me, my love ones, and our possessions.   Help me to balance my male, giving, energy.  Help me to take charge in my life and to disconnect from any people, places, or things that are adverse to my spiritual growth.  Surround me with your royal blue and purple light.  May the sun never set on my intuition and may your presence guide and protect me every step of the way towards my spiritual growth.

Dear Archangel Raphael,
Help me in my healing process.  Help me to notice when I need rest and relaxation in order to heal.  Help me with the ability to heal others who want to be healed.  Bless me with your green healing light so that my aura will glow a beautiful emerald green and people will know that it is safe to come to me for healing and coaching.  But, also so set boundaries so that I may recharge and heal myself.  Help me to heal all of my wounds, from past life to present day.  Help me to detox my body so that my body will heal faster.

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