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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Art of Dreaming

Dreams can be a very interesting thing to experience because anything and everything can take place in a dream.  I believe dreams are a direct result of our subconscious self and of our imaginations.  There are two main keys for a dream to really have a memorable affect and they are setting the intention on having a particular dream and setting the intention to remember the dream.   When dreaming, we enter a world that has been created for us in which we can benefit.  As a Dream Coach, I coach you to ascertain the meanings, symbols, themes, and so forth of your dreams.  Below are some tips for you so you can have the most fulfilling dreams!

Don’t go to bed with negative energy:
Believe it or not, we pick up the slightest bit of negative energy and not even realize it, which can remain attached to us if we don’t cleanse ourselves of this bad energy.  For example, have you ever walked into a room and something or someone doesn’t feel right?  Or, you get the vibe that someone doesn’t like something about you or is jealous of you, so you put your defenses up?  Well those are forms of negative energy that people spew out and you pick up, partly as a defense mechanism.  The problem is if you don’t let go of that energy it will stick to you.  In other words, the next time you walk into that room or see that person your defenses will go up , your gut reaction, as opposed to not feeling anything the next time around.

Therefore, when you arrive home, do rituals such as take a shower or a bath before bed so you’re cleansed of any pollution and so forth that is on your skin just by being exposed to the world.  Furthermore, this is symbolic of letting go (down the drain) of anything that’s not for your higher good.  Use scented body wash and lotions especially lavender, which is a great facilitator for vivid dreams.  In addition, even sleeping in your street clothes is bringing possible negative energy to the bed. 

Think about it, you sit down on various places throughout the day that may or may not be clean, the cuffs of your pants may touch the pavement, and the clothes may not be comfortable to sleep in.  Last, don’t watch anything that may in the slightest bit upset you just before bed, like the news.  If you can, check the weather for the next day on your phone or watch the news early so that any bad news that station reported has the chance to slip from your immediate memory before bed.  You don’t want to go to sleep thinking about some poor fellow that got robbed while on his way to work.  You want to be fresh and clear of negative thoughts before bed.

It’s not so much where you sleep, but how you sleep:
You don’t always have to sleep in the bed for best results! Many times I have fallen asleep on the couch and still experience some interesting dreams.  What you can do is make your sleeping space as intriguing as possible.  Adding crystals (amethyst, clear quartz, selenite, angelite) under your bed, on your nightstand, etc is like setting up a dreamtime perimeter or force field.  Thus, increasing the vibration of you and your area, this will make it a more peaceful place for dreams to occur.  Preferred colors for dreams, just like nighttime colors, are purple, blue, silver, and black.  Therefore, surrounding your area with purple flowers, a blue pillowcase, black sheets, and a lamp with a sliver cover would be beneficial. 

 Also, letting music play in the background is definitely an added bonus because music can be soothing so let the music soothe you.  Another aid to vivid dreams would be to spray the area with a scent that you love and reminds you of peace and dreams.  You can spray your sheets and your pillow (from a distance you don’t want your face to have a bad reaction to the spray).  By doing this, it puts you in the mindset of dreams.  Think about the scent of anything and then think about what that scent means.  For example, when I smell popcorn I feel like I should be watching a movie because I associate popcorn to movies.  The point here is to make your space as sacred as possible. 

You have your space set up, now what?
Dream! There are many roads you can go from this point.  You can set an intention to find an answer to your question (should I move to this city?), you can just set the intention to remember in detail the dreams you had, you can set the intention to dream that you are at your favorite vacation destination, or you can set the intention to visit one of your past lives.  It’s endless what you can do in a dream.  But, You don’t have to dream! You can just get a restful and restorative night’s sleep.  Remember don’t focus on the amount of hours you have to sleep.  Just focus on the fact that you will be sleeping and time is of no essence. 

The aftermath of dreaming:
Write it down ASAP!  The longer you wait to jot down a dream, the greater the chance is that you will forget what you dreamt.  Keep a pen and a pad close at hand.  Write down words, draw pictures, whatever you have to do so that you will remember the dream and can look back on your notes and reflect on what you dreamt.  You may receive symbols that may not be immediately clear to you; however, you  may over hear a conversation at work and someone may mention that symbol or make a reference of it and then the meaning will all come together!

I set the intention to find an answer to my question and didn’t dream of anything!
Not to worry, some things take time.  It could be that something else has to happen before you receive an answer.  Again, some things take time.  So, don’t give up!

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