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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Every woman is a Goddess

There are many goddesses; some walked the Earth at one point and others remained in the spiritual realm.  Since there are so many goddesses and every woman is a goddess, three major questions would be, “what exactly is a goddess, what does a goddess do, and how can I connect with a goddess?” 

According to Wikipedia, a goddess is a female deity (divine being), who, in some cultures, is associated with Earth, motherhood, love, and the household.  While in other cultures, a goddess also rules over war, death, destruction, and healing.  However, defines a goddess as a female god or deity; a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm; or a greatly admired or adored woman.  I define a goddess as a woman who does great things in a graceful and loving way.  With that being said, how do you define yourself as a goddess?

Furthermore, having studied goddess for years, I have come to realize that all of the goddesses provide various services and tools to aid us in becoming the best goddess we can be throughout of lives.  For example:
Irish/Celtic goddess Maeve helps us to be strong and bring exactly what we need and want in our lives
English goddess Guinevere helps us to focus on love especially if we are caught in a love triangle
Egyptian goddess Isis aids us to be balance in all aspects of our lives and display leadership
Chinese goddess Kuan Yin teaches us compassion and patience
Yoruba goddess Yemaya aids in fertility
Many others such as Lakshmi for abundance, Athena for wisdom, Brigit for igniting the flame within us, Ishtar for boundaries
In addition, if you want to connect with any of the goddesses, then you need to do anything that promotes relaxation, love, security, and trust.  For example:
  • Ritual while taking a bath/shower
  • Meditate just before bed
  • While meditating throughout the day; a guided meditation
  • A ritual: get a cup of tea/coco/coffee a blanket and read about the goddess
  • In your dreams
Be the goddess of your own universe and you will feel the difference.  Given what I have stated above, below are just some guidelines about how to, if you already haven’t done so, tap into your divine goddess and live like one each day.
  • Each goddess has a particular realm (sorceress/fairy/romance/justice) in which she works. What’s your  realm?
  • Each goddess has an origin, such as Celtic, Yoruba, Aztec or Egyptian. What’s your origin?
  • Each goddess has a specialty (alchemy, compassion). What’s your specialty?
  • Each goddess has a goal; Kuan Yin decided to stay until everyone on Earth was healed. What's your divine goal?
  • Each goddess has a symbol, Athena has an owl and Isis has an ankh. What’s your symbol?
  • Each goddess has a story explaining her purpose. What’s your purpose?
  • Each goddess has a dominate colour and element association. What is your favorite colour and what is your element (earth, air, water, fire)
So, find your knack and be the goddess of it! Own it! Good at cooking?  Be the goddess of bake goods!  Good at providing advice? Be the goddess of unbiased advice!  Good at partying? Be the party goddess! Whatever it is, own it and be the best at it because that’s where you shine and that’s what plays a part in making you the goddess of your domain!


  1. Great post! I have a strong affinity for Brighid, Kuan Yin and Lakshmi

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Brighid is one of my favorite goddesses!