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Monday, January 17, 2011

Are you living the life you want to live?

Every day is filled with adventures if we decide to take notice of these wonderful events.  However, on a much larger scope, what someone really wants to experience (the ideal job, the ideal mate, the ideal home, etc) may take a little while to obtain.  Why is that the case one would ask? Well I believe that it's due to the size of the order that is requested, so to speak.  In other words, when we go to a restaurant and order a specific meal, such as a specialty cooked chicken, it will take the chef a while to cook it just right to perfection because it's specific, not general.

Furthermore, we have to be prepared to receive the food.  But, take one step back,  we need to show up, take action, to the restaurant first to place the order.  If someone is hungry, steps have to be taken in order to reach the goal of satisfying a hunger.  So, decisios have to be made, such as where to eat.  If a fancy restaurant is pick, one would dress, well, fancy.  If a fast food place is picked, well, one would dress causal.  My point is we have to become what we want out of life.  Are you on your path to becoming what you want out of life and who you be in life?

Well, when someone makes a specific request to the universe there are things in the background, chef preparing the meal and going to a place to eat, that have to take place first in order for us to reach our goal.  However if a criteria is not set for an intention, then a default order, as I call it, is the result. 

For example, last summer I kept saying that I need a pair of jeans.  I need a pair of dark blue jeans.  And, of course, the stores I went to had dark blue jeans, but they where flare jeans (which I hate) or they didn't fit, yada yada.  Finally, one day, I said to my mom 'all I need is a pair of dark blue skinny jeans that fit nicely and makes my butt look good.  I also want at least one pair of capris with the beachy ripped denim look to them. 

Well lo and behold that is exactly what I received.  Nothing more, nothing less.  After I tried on the skinny jeans I went back to the table to ascertain if the store had anymore in my size.  But, I sabotaged myself because I said 'a' pair of jeans.  So, naturally the pair of jeans I had was the last in my size!

In addition, I have read many articles and books that talk about setting an intention and putting loads of emotion behind that intention and then release it to the universe.  While that is an awesome concept, which does work very well might I add, I believe that there is a post-step, so to speak, that is missing.  Prepare yourself for the receiving of the gift, which is the result of one's intention(s).  Remember that saying, and I'm paraphrasing, 'I wanted something so badly that when I finally got it I didn't want it.'

Well that rings true, not in all cases, because there is so much emotion behind imagining oneself as already being successful that there isn't much focus on receiving that in the present.  It's a general understanding that when 'whatever it is I want or need' comes, I will happy...finally.  Well, what if someone invited you to a party but you turned down the invite for no real reason, you just didn't want to go.  Well that 'party' could be the hidden opportunity to meet 'that' great business partner, 'that' awesome mate, or 'that' knowledgeable real estate agent. 

So, this is why I ask, 'are you living the life that you want to live?'

Are you ready and willing to receive what you put out into the world right now if it were to happen at this very moment?

Are you as specific as possible with what you desire?

If not to the above, what are you doing to change?

Love and Light,

The Violet Sanctuary Spa, LLC 2010

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