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Monday, February 28, 2011

Be the fire of change, be the trailblazer!

When issues happen in our lives that affect us so much so that our very souls scream for justice and change, it is time to be the trailblazer-to raise the fire and exhibit change.  Fire is a real transformative element.  When fire burns something, that object has changed; or depending on the degree of the fire, that object may no longer exist.  Fire heats things up like a situation can be heated up by one’s action.  Think of Rosa Parks and how she channeled her inner fire, which led to change.  She refused to give up her seat on the bus because she was tired from working and she stood her ground, she claimed her right to be in the seat. 

That action of standing one’s ground and not worrying about other people’s feelings above your own, led to several actions (boycotting), which led to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. making his speech at Washington D.C.   When her fire element ignited, the end result of that fire trailblazing was awareness and change.  That fire that was ignited resulted in people taking action, which led to the end of the rule stating Blacks had to sit in the back of the bus.  What fire in you do you need to ignite, and see through to the end, in order to become a trailblazer of change?
Igniting one’s fire can be hard because once a fire is set, it’s as if a domino effect happens and it’s harder to stop the fire.  Therefore, the trailblazer has to be prepared to go all the way to ensure the change that has to be made is completely made.  The element of fire can be a very productive element to channel in your life.  The colors of fire: red, yellow, orange, and blue (extremely hot fire when blue) relate to the lower chakras with the exception of blue, which is part of the higher chakras.  The lower chakras deal with human emotions, needs, and wants, such as a will to survive, having a purpose or a reason to exist, having strength, being active, having passion and desire, and following your instincts. The blue chakra deal s with communication.  So, lets put the meanings together:  
* You need to communicate what your needs and wants are

*You need to communicate to yourself what path you are trailblazing

* If there is a goal you are looking to achieve; you need to have a desire to accomplish it and a passion to stick with the goal  once  achieved

* Fire spreads with space (area) and opportunity (air); what to you need in order to expand (supporting friends and family)?

* A fire can be extinguished via the use of water; who or what in your life ‘extinguishes’ (limits) you and/or who or what do you need to extinguish in your life?

* Fire takes up a given space; claim your space, be noticed, state your opinion, express yourself

* The Phoenix rises from its own ashes, always transforming; how do you need to transform in order to represent the change in the world you want to be?

Overall, the element of fire can be a very productive force in your life to achieve your goals.  Be that trailblazer for the highest good of all and you can’t be denied.  You will be successful.  

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