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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Universe and Manifestation: You Already Have The Tools

Imagine that a mystical guide gives you thread to knit patches of cloth together to form a great magical blanket. Now, imagine that thread to be a great sliver sparkly thread just waiting for you to put it into motion and the guide is willing to teach you just how to use that remarkable thread! 

That’s exactly how The Universe will work with you, for you have all of the tools you require to manifest everything you need and want in your life.  The key is to make firm intentions, followed by believing in the intentions (your emotions), and envisioning the intentions happening right now (the patches)!  When you make those firm intentions, you will begin to attract wondrous people, things, and events into your life! 

The thread is what will connect the patches in your blanket, so to speak.  For example, you want to be in a romantic relationship. Therefore, two patches would be how you imagine yourself in a romantic relationship and how you would imagine your lover.  The thread is the intention, as well as the emotion, which will bring together the patches. 

The blanket is the manifestation of your intentions! When your intentions come together, you will see (and feel) the results, which are magical!

So, let’s think of ways to set our firm intentions by naming our ‘threads’ and attract the wondrous people, things, and events into our lives!

Picture courtesy of Gateway Dreaming

Achieving goals thread:
What can be achieved right now, later today, tomorrow, and throughout the week? Let’s start thinking what can be done right now to achieve our goals. Then, let’s think about what can also be accomplished this month, next month, and throughout the year.  Therefore, the thread would be, ‘I accomplish everything I set out to do. I do it with style; and, if need be, I delegate tasks.’ Now, just imagine the tasks being completed, but do not become obsessive.

      The blanket: A symbol of your accomplishments. This is amazing because there will be days when you feel like things are not happening soon enough, the way you expect it to happen, and other negative thoughts start to filter into mind.  However, you can look back and remember everything you have already accomplished. As a result, you will realize that time is something that you cannot control and things happen at just the right moments! Remember, Spirit is always working in the background!

Describing one’s services to their potential clients thread:
Think about your motivation when you decided to create a spiritually based business.  Those are the reasons you can tell your potential clients because it will help you sound creditable and make them feel comfortable to seek your services because they can relate to you. Thus, your confidence will increase when you describe how you can help them to heal because you have told them the story of you and set the platform. 

Therefore, the thread would be, ‘I confidently and lovingly explain who I am and what I do. By doing this, I set the tone of my business and people are willing to pay for the services I offer.’ Now, imagine this taking place.  Dismiss those doubtful thoughts!

 The blanket: A profitable business in which people believe in you and endorse your services.

Unlocking romantic love; the quest of a romantic relationship:
 I wrote unlocking romantic love instead of the usual finding love because we already have love in our lives; we may not recognize it at times, but it is there! In fact, we are on a quest to ‘unlock romantic love.’ It is the romantic love we seek and when we do meet ‘the one’ it is as if our hearts have been set free and the love just comes pouring out! Therefore, the thread would be, ‘I allow my heart to feel in its entirety without judgment. I embrace romance.’

     The blanket: Not only will you love yourself more, but you will attract romance.

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