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Friday, March 22, 2013

How To Start Anew: Hitting The Reset Button On Life

Life throws us curve balls. No matter how contempt we are in our own world with our friends, family, and usual hang out spots, there will always be an 'event', an 'experience', or 'a person' who will cause a wave in our steady ocean, so to speak.

These events, experiences, or people can be a good thing or a bad thing on a significant level.  And, it is at that significant level where we are at a check point in our lives and have to make major decisions.

When great events, experiences, or people enter our lives on a significant level, it's more so creating a new and wonderful chapter in our lives. We embrace it and look forward to more. By 'significant level' I mean the following:
  • Events such as graduation day, wedding day, etc.
  • Experiences such as going on vacation with your best friend, luncheons with coworkers, etc.
  • People, such as good nature people who become your close/best friend, mentors, etc

However, for this blog post, I'm focusing more on the opposite end of the pole- the bad things on a significant level because I want to share my experience and healing process of how I had to hit the 'reset button' on my life after my grandparents died roughly two years apart. Also, it's the topic of my radio show for 22 March, which is the day I started The Violet Sanctuary Spa in 2010.

If only it were as easy as the Staple's easy button!!

Starting over isn't easy! It's especially not easy if you were forced to detach yourself from a person or people and a situation like myself just two years before I created The Violet Sanctuary Spa. My grandmother passed away in the Fall of 2006 and my Pop Pop passed away in early 2008. This was very devastating for me because I was extremely close to the both of them, I actually go into more detail in my upcoming book, To Be Goddess Every Woman Is A Goddess; Discover The Domain In Which You Reign Supreme.

After my Pop Pop passed, I really felt like a lost soul and I was looking for a way 'in'. I was looking for a way to understand exactly what just took place not once, but twice. It was at that point of trying to make sense of their deaths that I discovered my spirituality, which was during a two year healing process.

A way of life as I knew it had ended and there I was at a fork in the road, the check point as I mentioned earlier, of my life faced with two possibilities- I can either continue to live wondering about the situations that took place and hope that I just wake up from this nightmare OR begin a new life which consist of healing not only myself, but others. And, so The Violet Sanctuary Spa was born.

The cornerstone of The Violet Sanctuary Spa, LLC is
 to serve and to heal

Here are ways you can hit the reset button on life and live with the knowledge of knowing that you can change not only your world, but the world of others in a positive way because (believe me) someone out there is just waiting for you to tell your story of perseverance, providing them inspiration.

  • Cry It Out or Cry Out Loud! Let those emotions roll! It's better to let the tears roll down your face than to keep it bottled up inside! Yell about it! Express your anger, disappointment, fear, etc. Yell! It will make you feel better. Cry it out or cry out loud to:
    • First yourself so you can try to make sense of the situation
    • Second to Spirit so you can receive answers
    • Third to friends so they can continue to lend you their support

  • Plan! After your healing period, you need a plan of action. Start off by saying the plan out loud over and over again until you feel that it's right and believable.
  • Put the plan into action! Put the plan into action at your own pace with obtainable deadlines. I don't want your plans to linger! Remember, you don't have to work alone!

  •  Commend yourself for how far you have come, how much you have accomplished, and maintain contact with your friends and family especially during this time.

  • Do not! I repeat. Do not!!! Go posting your very sensitive and detailed private information on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media formats. Those social media outlets are for 'social' activities. Putting your business out there is not good because you will get those insensitive people responding to you at a time when you are very vulnerable. Plus, it's just not smart. If you must chat it out online, go to a forum that is specifically for your interest. For example, an online community that has discussion boards about migraines etc.  

As a bonus, subscribe to The Violet Sanctuary Spa's Sacred Newsletter and receive a free download of the Healer's Worksheet so that you can print it and write out your answers. It will help you along in the healing process because you are expressing your thoughts, which is a continuation of the healing process!

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