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Saturday, January 12, 2013

10 Things You May Not Know About Me!

Totally off topic from my previous blogs, BUT (lol) my dear friend Stephanie a.k.a. Hibiscus Moon posted a blog with the same title, I thought it was soooo cool of her to do so, and thought I will give it a try as well! hehe

I also like her 'disclaimer' lol stating that the blog had nothing to do with crystals; in stead, she wanted to connect with her Crystal Tribe. :)

So, here's my 'disclaimer' lol: This blog is just about cool or dorky lol things about me that you may not know! Not the usual spiritual goodies, but a great way to connect with my Holistic Tribe! You may find this blog boring (doubt it because I'm awesome!). But, I'm going to take a risk and post Ten facts about me, Tia Johnson!

1. I have four tattoos and eight piercings!
I love my tattoos! They are all spiritual tattoos and I plan on getting more. I just love them and think of tattoos as great body art.
Four piercing per ear! I'm all about symmetry!

The top tattoo means fire and the bottom means water...two elements I work with frequently.


Triple Moon Goddess Symbol

2. I reallllyyy was going to join the US Marines before I thought of going to college!
Coming from a family where generations have served the US (and one cousin who is MIA), I deeply wanted to be a Marine... in particular a sniper. It didn't pan out that way. So, I went to college. Ironically enough, I still ended up with the a civilian!

3. I loveeeee cartoons! I'm so thankful for Netflix because I can watch my 80s cartoons like She-ra and Jem as well as new cartoons like Adventure Time and The Regular Show.
Cartoons aid me in my 'down time'! What a great stress reliever! I love the classic 80s cartoons I grew up watching like She-ra, He-Man, Jem, Transformers! I remember (anyone else remember) the New Kids On The Block Johnny Quest and now more current cartoons like The Regular Show! Yea-uhhh

4. I rarely cook, but when I do it's friggin awesome!
Uhhh...yeah...not a big fan of cooking. Mainly because I only have one mouth to feed...mine! I have the Dominos' App to order pizza on my iPhone! In my female voice of 'The Most Interesting Man'....I don't always cook; but, when I do it's salmon cooked with white wine! Along with herbs, I add a bit of white wine to the salmon. Adds a nice kick to the taste and my family loves it oh so much!

5. I still sing with a brush in my hand!
When I was a kid, I would sing to Madonna's songs now I sing to Nikki Manaj's songs...well I still sing to Madonna's songs!!! I just loveeee music.

My friend Mike and I singing our hearts out at karaoke in Montreal,Canada!

6. Very rarely can I do or think of just 'one' thing at a time. I'm a multi-tasker by default!
My mind goes about a mile a minute. It's like a stream of consciousness! Usually, I'm reading several books at a time...I never think,'I'll read this book after I finish this one'.  I was the kid who doodled in her notebooks...seriously. I went to catholic school where our notebooks were checked so I had to stop doodling. Talk about brutal! Even now, I'm thinking about other things I'm going to do today, such as posting an update to The VSS Facebook page, what time I'm going to the gym tomorrow, getting up to get a soda and maybe a snack, picking a new song to listen to on my iPad, and then watching a cartoon on Netflix. Did you notice how SLEEPING wasn't one of the options? lol I feel weird if I'm not doing multiple things at once. lol go figure!

7. When I was a kid, I pretended to own several businesses and even a talk show!
Oh, yes! A group of my friends and myself pretended one Summer afternoon that we were part of a major corporation. I was the secretary. After that day, I continued to entertain that thought! I developed a name and began coming up with ideas. I even drew a layout for a mall! I also wrote a script for a tv show, of which I was the host! Foreshadowing....

8. I taught myself how to ride a bike and to write with my left hand!
I believe I was 10 years old at the time when I taught myself how to ride a bike.  My friend had a really cool bike. It was trendy for its was the type of bike that you would petal back real quick to hit the breaks. Totally cool at the time.  She was nervous to let me 'hold it' because I had zero experience with a bike.  But, I assured her that I would not damage the bike and I didn't! I started by slowly riding the bike while next to a wall so I could catch myself in case I lost balance. Within no time, I became a pro. It took me about two weeks.

I was also a kid when I first taught myself to write with my left hand. I just heard a voice, of course I know now it was my angels, said to teach yourself how to write with your left hand. And, so I did. First, I had to learn how to hold the pencil with my left hand. Second, I practiced writing the alphabet. Third, I practiced writing my name. Fourth, I practiced writing in print by writing both capital and lower case letters. Fifth, and finally, I practiced writing in cursive. I didn't keep up with it in the long run. But, again in my adulthood I heard the voice that said to practice writing with your left hand. And, so I did. Which was fortunate because I had to get carpel tunnel release surgery on my right hand, causing me to write with my left hand at work! Now, I can say that I am indeed ambidextrous!

9. I learned to speak French when I was four...
I went to a local Academy where the students were taught to speak French. I was in pre kindergarden at the time and since no one else spoke French, with the exception of my Pop Pop, I became rusty in speaking the language.  I began speaking it again in high school and college.  By college, I was at the intermediate level of speaking French.  Now, I'm back to the basics!  I also took a semester of Italian and a semester of Spanish in college. One day I plan to become proficient in those and other languages. I just think it's cool. It may come in handy some day! Bonjour, Je m'appelle Tia et j'adore √©crire!

10. I also wanted to be a kick boxer
I just thought it would be a cool thing to be...still do!

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