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Monday, January 13, 2014

How To Work With The Energies Of The Full Moon

Do you know how the full moon affects you, your emotions, and intuition? Do you feel as if you have a special connection with the moon? The full moon takes place on the 15th this month. However, the full moon's energies can be felt at least three days before and after the day of the actual full moon. Therefore, now is the time to prepare for your full moon ritual and work with its energies! 


Seeing the full moon is a representation of things coming whole, a completion. The full moon also represents a time of releasing because you are at the height of your energy and the polarity of that is to release. Another reason for the two energies, the peaking and releasing of, is that the next phase is the new moon, in which you will work on what you want to manifest in your life. Thus, increasing your energy and continuing the cycle.

A reason why the full moon affects us, our emotions, and intuition is due to our circalunar clock or our correspondence to the lunar phases.  In addition, the moon affects the waves of large bodies of water, such as oceans; our bodies have a high water content, which causes our emotions and intuition to increase. Our emotions and intuition are governed by the element of water! 

 Questions to ask yourself: 

  •  How do I feel during the phase of the full moon?

  • Do I want to be left alone/go out more?

  • Am I more in sync with my intuition?

  • Do I tend to act a little different?

  • What can I learn from understanding how I react to the full moon energies?



A ritual is what you make it! Don't feel overwhelmed if you are not able to get any or all the materials I state below. You can say a prayer and gaze at the moon! Remember, it is your power, personal energy, that fuels the magic behind whatever you do! This is just a way to do a full moon ritual! 

The Ritual

1. Make sure you have a designated space where you will not be  disturbed and have cleansed.

2. While you are lighting the candles, say a prayer.

3. Focus on the fire, and focus on your intentions. Also, think about what you need to release at this time. Snuff the flames when you are done.

4. While holding the moonstone crystal in your hand, go outside, glaze upon the moon and ask Spirit for a message. Take several deep breaths.

5. Return inside or stay outside, still holding the moonstone, meditate. 

6. Write about your experience and messages received. 

7. When you're done, thank the moon, Spirit, the crystal, and the candles. Clean your space and have a wonderful night's sleep!

The Tools

1. Blue, White, Black candles
Blue, white, and black are colors of the night! On a personal note, what better colors to use during the full moon?! Symbolically speaking, the color blue represents wisdom and water, white represents cycles and illumination, and black represents release and, when used with a white candle, balance. 

2. Moonstone Crystal
The moonstone crystal is an excellent crystal to utilize during the full moon because it's in relation to the moon and water!

3. Paper and Pen
A sheet of paper and a working pen are great tool to have when doing spiritual work because you will want to write down your thoughts and messages you receive from Spirit. Having documentation of your spiritual progress will help you to appreciate how far you have come in your spiritual works!

4. Meditation Music
Music has the ability to quiet our internal chatterbox and focus on connecting with our higher self. Playing meditation music as a backdrop for setting the mood of the ritual is a great way to keep your mind on the ritual! Click on the icon below and check out the video meditation I created for the full moon!
                       If you cannot view the video, then please click here.

5. Intentions
What are your intentions for this full moon ritual? Do you want to increase your intuition or release a negative habit? Do you want to receive messages from Spirit or connect with your higher self?

6. Sacred Space
Meditating in a sacred space is key because you want the energy to be high and you don't want to be disturbed. To cleanse a space, a selenite crystal can be used or simply asking Archangel Michael to clear the air will work!

Challenge Time!

How will you apply what you have learned? Do you have a different method of working with the full moon energy?  Please state below so we can keep the learning experience going!

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  1. Great post, I'll be looking for my experience of this full moon. Thank you for your guidance,

  2. Tia, thanks for posting this. I have been out of touch with connecting with the moon and the Goddess. This helped me reconnect. Thanks!

  3. Great ideas for being more spiritually aware at this special time of the month.

    Sarah (visiting from ABLA)

  4. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!